Monday, December 5, 2016

His Promise Ministries

His Promise Ministries is comprised of Business Professionals, Medical Professionals, Ministers, humanitarians and ordinary Christian people.

We assist other Christian charities here and abroad to provide food, shelter, clothing and medical care, while employing a loving, secure Christian group home model.

We work with our Mentoring Ministry Partners to aid promising students and our Christian Academy Partners, who provide for the education of these special needs children in a nurturing environment where each child counts.

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Children of Promise Ministries – Namibia, Africa

His Promise Ministries and our ministry partner, Children of Promise Ministries – Namibia (CPMN), owe a debt of gratitude to Amy Montalvo and her company, OnePass Productions.

It is through the efforts of volunteers; selfless and caring individuals, like Amy who offer their time and talent, that we are able to continue to assist CPMN provide the opportunities they are able to offer the children of Namibia, Africa.

Through individuals like Amy we are able to let the world know about the conditions and circumstances; the plight of these children.

You see, Amy spent some time in Arandis and Rehoboth, Namibia.

Amy Montalvo - OnePass Productions - Namibia - 2009 She saw with her own eyes and heard with her own ears, what many of us born into safe, loving and nurturing homes cannot even fathom.

Through her eyes she has provided to the world a remarkable film (above) about the work of Children of Promise Ministries – Namibia.

Through her own spoken word, she succinctly captures the raw emotion and feelings that are evoked by just being there, seeing, hearing and listening to how life for these vulnerable children used to be… what their life was like before becoming part of Children of Promise Ministries – Namibia.

Using the controls under the image just above, listen as Amy reads her blog post about her time in Namibia.

Click here to proceed to the Donation page.Yes, your help is needed. If you have found Amy’s story and film compelling or moving, won’t you please make the desicion right now to help Children of Promise Ministries – Namibia continue their remarkable work. Children like: Angela, Salome, Chandre, Riaan, Anna, Asser, Dennis, Chriszelda, Revival, McDonald, Smithley, Queen, Memory… are hoping you will.